Complyon Talks

Compliance best practices #7: How a security framework overview benefits your business

December 15, 2021

In this webinar, we discuss security and compliance frameworks - and why so many companies struggle to get an overview of them. Security frameworks and their requirements can be difficult to understand and map, particularly in you're using a one-dimensional solution. 

Together with Christoffer Fries from VENZO, we discuss the best practices for ensuring frameworks are implemented in a simple and effective manner, why a clear overview is so important, and tips for managing documentation. 


We’re delighted to introduce our Compliance Best Practice webinar series. As the world of governance, risk, and compliance can seem complex, we’re providing some insights into best practices to help navigate the difficulties and make your compliance a solution that adds business value. Together with partners and customers, we’re discussing the best practices for every aspect of compliance, with a focus on real life examples, to aid your understanding and empower you to create business value through your compliance strategies.